Emergency After Hours Contact for Police Dept. & DPW: 810-985-8115 (St. Clair County Central Dispatch)

The City of Marine City is starting a tree replacement program sponsored by the Tax Increment Finance Authority that will offer residents the opportunity to replace trees, which have been removed by the City in the easement, at no cost to the homeowner. The purpose of this program is to maintain an aesthetic and environmentally healthy community.

In order to qualify for this program, the following criteria must be met:

  • A resident must have had a tree removed from the easement by the City, whether due to disease, death, or other reasons deemed necessary of removal by the City.
  • The tree must have been removed during the following years: 2012- present; unless otherwise stated by the Department of Public Works Superintendent.

Upon filling out an application, homeowner’s will be able to choose from a select list of trees to plant. The following trees are available: Autumn Blaze Maple, Regal Petticoat Maple, Green Mountain Sugar Maple, and the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry . This list of trees has been put together through the collaboration of the Department of Public Works and the Marine City Nursery. After selection and approval from the DPW Superintendent, the City will plant the tree in the easement and the homeowner will be responsible for its perpetual care.

There are a limited number of trees available through this program. Therefore, replacement requests will be prioritized by the order in which we receive them. For all requests that cannot be met due to the limitations, residents may choose to be placed on a waiting list. For further information on this program, please contact the Department of Public Works Superintendent at (810) 765-9711.  

 Marine City Tree Replacement Program Application


Trees Available:


Autumn Blaze Maple (Fall)

Autumn Blaze Maple                           

Zone 4 – 8
Tree Type Shade
Mature Height 40′ – 60′
Mature Spread 40′ – 60′
Shape Broad, Round
Sun Exposure Best in full sun; partial shade – full sun
Foliage Green
Fall Color Red
Flower Color Rarely Flowers; Greenish-yellow to red
Decorative Fruit N/A
Growth Rate Rapid
Plant Tolerance Wet soil; Insect & disease tolerant; Adaptable
Standout Feature Rapid Growth; Fall Foliage






regal petticoat maple 2

Regal Petticoat Maple in the Summer (Left) and Fall (right)

Regal Petticoat Maple

Zone 3-4
Tree Type Shade, Landscape
Mature Height  40′
Mature Spread  30′
Shape  Upright, Spreading
Sun Exposure Best in full sun; partial shade – full sun
Foliage  Dark green on top with burgundy underside
Fall Color  Yellow on top with  orange underside
Flower Color  N/A
Decorative Fruit  N/A
Growth Rate  Moderate
Plant Tolerance  Hardy; drought/salt tolerance; disease and pest resistance
Standout Feature  Beautiful Fall Color; Very Tough; Great Shade; Disease and Pest Resistance




Green Mountain Sugar Maple (Fall)

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Zone 3
Tree Type Shade
Mature Height 50′
Mature Spread 40′
Shape Broadly Oval
Sun Exposure Partial shade – full sun
Foliage Dark Green
Fall Color Reddish-Orange to Red
Flower Color N/A
Decorative Fruit N/A
Growth Rate Moderate
Plant Tolerance Very Tough and Adaptable
Standout Feature Beautiful Fall Color; Very Tough; Great Shade; Japanese Beetle Resistant



Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry 2

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry in the Fall (Top) Spring Flowers (Left); Fruit (Right)

                 Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Zone 3 – 6
Tree Type Shrubbery Tree; Landscape
Mature Height 20′ – 25′
Mature Spread 15′
Shape Upright, Spreading, Oval
Sun Exposure Best in full sun; partial shade – full sun
Foliage Blue – Green
Fall Color Brilliant Red, Orange
Flower Color White
Decorative Fruit Purplish – Black; Edible by animals
Growth Rate Moderate – Fast
Plant Tolerance Hardy; Various soil tolerance; Salt tolerance
Standout Feature Beautiful Fall Color, Showy Flowers &  Berries; Various Soil Tolerance