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Energy Audit Program

  • Efficiency United and The United Way are asking residents of St. Clair County to fill out online household energy survey-audits. These audits will help residents to learn ways to manage and conserve energy and, as a thank you, each household that participates will receive a free energy Saving Kit (faucet aerators, a shower head, and more…)!For every energy survey filled out the community will receive $2.50 through the United Way!This website also has information on how to receive rebates from $20 to $200 on energy efficient household improvements. See if you qualify on something you have done or are planning to do!This program is funded by the state-mandated Energy Optimization bill surcharge for customers of SEMCO Energy (learn more here, on the SEMCO website).Please be sure to participate, it is safe and will benefit both you and the people of St. Clair County!