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Anchor from wooden ore carrier New Orleans

Anchor from wooden ore carrier New Orleans

Originally built in 1847 to house the Newport Academy schoolhouse, the museum’s artifacts and archival collections bring Marine City history and heritage to life in three distinctive galleries:

  • Maritime
  • Lifestyle
  • Business/Commercial

Highlights of the exhibits include a 4 1/2 by 36 foot diorama of the Belle River in 1885 (when 5 shipyards were engaged in producing some of the finest ships on the Great Lakes); completely furnished rooms dating back to the 1800’s and a blacksmith shop built on the museum grounds.

Volunteers are hard at work compiling a research library which will contain material pertaining to maritime, local and genealogy interests.

Tours: (Schools, Scouts, etc)

The museum offers guided tours for prescheduled groups of adults or students. Tours last approximately one hour. Times and topics can be adapted to meet individual group needs. Teachers/Leaders/Tour Directors are encouraged to visit the museum in advance to preview the orientation and exhibits.